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Homework Policy

Dear Parent, 

We wrote to you during June 2015 to raise the issue of attendance and the importance of punctuality because these lead to success in school and later life.  Now, we are turning our attention to the completion of homework, and the quality of the work done as homework.  Please find enclosed our revised Homework Policy.  It explains everything you need to know about homework setting and expectations at the Academy including the role you play as parents.

We want all our students to do well and achieve their potential.  This does not happen in the absence of homework.  John Bishop (see enclosed) highlights 10 benefits of homework.  Given the increasing difficulty and challenge of future examinations, homework has become even more important than at any time, helping students to develop good study habits and sustain the knowledge, skills and understanding demanded by the new GCSEs.

Our aim, as it was with attendance and punctuality, is to secure 100% homework completion, and to see a corresponding increase in the quality of homework done.  We will need your support with this so please read the enclosed documents and get back to us with any questions - homework is one of the more obvious ways we can work together to help all of our children to succeed.

To begin with we will focus our efforts on students in key stage 4 and Skills School before rolling out our plan to all year groups and classes. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Academy.

Click here for a copy of the Home Policy

Yours sincerely,

A McLachlan                                        S Cooksey

Deputy Head Teacher                         Assistant Head Teacher KS4


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