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Year 11 Careers Fair and Parents’ Day

Dear Parent(s),


Re:      Year 11 Careers Fair and Parents’ Day

           Tuesday, 15th December 2015, 1pm-6pm

As we approach the end of the first term of this academic year, I am writing to let you know about the above event.  Your attendance on this day is crucial in order to support your child in an informed and supportive way as the pressure increases in the lead up to their GCSE examinations which start in early May 2016. 

The rest of the year groups (7, 8 and 9) will not attend school on this day, making sure it is dedicated to Year 11 (with Year 10 attending the careers fair element of the day).  This shows our commitment to your child’s learning and I hope you will show your commitment by making sure a parent/responsible adult attends on that day.

Alongside speaking to your child’s teachers and finding out about their current working grades (following their recent mock examinations), it will enable you to find out about the support/intervention/study guides/websites available and the ways that you can support your child and the school at such an important stage in their education. 

The programme for the day will be as follows:

8.50am-12.05pm  Students attend careers fair/work on CVs and personal statements / (Parents welcome to attend the careers fair from 1pm-3pm)
12.05pm-12.50pm  Lunch followed by independent study in the library for students awaiting parental appointments before 4pm otherwise students leave school when they have finished their lunch
1pm- 6pm  Parental appointments with subject teachers

The careers fair will provide our students with an incentive to put one hundred percent effort into their studies over the next term and a half as they will see what grades they need to achieve to enable them to make the choices they want, rather than being forced into a career path because it is their only choice.

Over the next two weeks all Year 11 students will have an appointment sheet to complete with times for each of their subject teachers; this will enable you to ensure it fits in with other commitments you have on that day.

I would be very grateful if you could make every effort to attend this event to emphasise the importance of this year to your child and show them that we are working with them as a team to support them through such an important stage in their education.

Thank you for all your support so far this term and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the day.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs M. Bradley-Davies

Year 11 Progress Leader


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